Staff Testimonials

I started my rescue pug Emily on joint support at six years old, when the Vet noticed a reduced range of movement in her hips. I had chosen a “cheap and cheerful” brand with only the basic glucosamine in it. At her booster and check up this year, (she’s now nine) the Vet suggested starting her on long term pain relief (nsaids,) as I had noticed she was slower on her walks and stiff after resting. I also decided to upgrade her joint support, as I had been thinkning about the newer products available with added benefits, not just the glucosamine.

My practice had Active+, the new CVS own brand joint supplement, as a trial before it was launched to all other CVS practices, so I thought it was a good time to try this product instead. My experience of Active+ has been fantastic and as it is less expensive by CVS buying direct from the manufacturer, it has been very cost effective too. The palatability is amazing and I actually have to hide Emily’s nsaid in the Active+ tablet as she prefers the taste of this! It’s really easy to give like a treat and she sits and waits (not very patiently!) for it every morning.

Jess Fellowes RVN, Linden House Vet Centre.

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