Customer testimonial

We always love getting feedback on our products, whether good or bad. We recently heard about Red, a beautiful Belgian Malinois, and her experience of MiPet Products, from her owner, Kerryanne James: “I would just like to say that MiPet Pro-Bind played a major role in the recovery of my 11 month old Malinois called Red, who was … Continued

MiPet New Product – Active + for Cats

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest product – Active + for Cats, in pots of 60 chews, available now from the MiPet shop. Active + for Cats contains high levels of nutrients that help support joint health such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin. MSM helps support collagen formation and aids tissue cross-linking. Also contains … Continued

Endectrid and Quantex are here!!

The MiPet team are pleased to announce the arrival of our two new products; Endectrid (our new flea and multi-wormer) and Quantex (our new wormer for treating tapeworm.) Endectrid is available for dogs,cats and ferrets, and Quantex is available for both cats and dogs. Please click on the Products tab above for more information on the … Continued

Coming soon…

The MiPet range will soon include a broad spectrum wormer and pet accessories. We are really excited about the waiting room retail range of products that will be in your practice soon. You will be able to buy exceptionally good quality products at really affordable prices. We will have tasty treats for your dogs and … Continued

Staff Testimonials

I started my rescue pug Emily on joint support at six years old, when the Vet noticed a reduced range of movement in her hips. I had chosen a “cheap and cheerful” brand with only the basic glucosamine in it. At her booster and check up this year, (she’s now nine) the Vet suggested starting … Continued