MiPet Milbeworm Puppy/Small Dog (PK24)


For the treatment and prevention of infestations of adulttapeworms and roundworms.

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The product can also be used in the prevention ofheartworm disease if concomitant treatment against cestodes is indicated.

N.B. MiPet branded eco-friendly poo bags available to order direct with Petface

The recommended minimum dose rate is 0.5 milbemycin oximeand 5mg of praziquantel per kg given orally

Depending in the body weight of the dog, the practicaldosing is as follows:

Weight of dog

Milbeworm 2.5mg/25mg film coated tablets for small dogs and puppies

Milbeworm 12.5mg/125mg film coated tablets for dogs

0.5 - 1kg

1/2 tablet

>1 - 5kg

1 tablet

>5 - 10kg

2 tablets

5 - 25kg

1 tablet

>25 - 50kg

2 tablets

>50 - 75kg

3 tablets