MiPet Milbeworm Cat (Pk48)


For the treatment and prevention of mixed infections by immature, and adult cestodes (tapeworms) and adult nematodes (roundworms). 

SPC_763629.PDF (defra.gov.uk)

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The product can also be used in the prevention of heartworm disease if concomitant treatment against cestodes is indicated.

The recommended minimum dose rate is: 2mg of milbemycinoxime and 5mg of praziquantel per kg given orally.

Depending in the body weight of the cat, the practicaldosing is as follows:

Weight of cat

Milbeworm 4mg/10mg film coated tablets for small cats and kittens

Milbeworm 16mg/40mg film coated tablets for cats

0.5 - 1kg

1/2 tablet

>1 - 2kg

1 tablet

>2 - 4kg

1/2 tablet

>4 - 8kg

1 tablet

>8 - 12kg

1 + 1/2 tablets