About MiPet

About MiPet

As the CVS practice portfolio grew, naturally so did it’s usage of products. This drove our veterinary team, who are caring for pets every day across the country, to look closer at sourcing more affordable alternatives without affecting the quality of the products that were being used.

Due to our relationships with manufacturers and the amount of product that is being used across the group, we were able to develop an in house, own brand range of commonly used products that would be supported and used by the veterinary teams as they are sourced from leading reputable manufacturers.

Products that both veterinary staff and pet owners already used and loved, whilst simply rebranded, to bring a high level of professional recommendation and reassurance from the manufacturer of their continued efficacy.

The distribution of our products is managed by us, supplying only associated practices and members, they are not available through online pharmacies or direct to the end user, this measure helps to improve retention of sales, and regular visits to practice to collect product, ensuring clients and pets receive the best professional attention.

As the whole function is managed by us, we can also ensure that the range is competitively priced against other products supplied in the market place.

All MiPet products have been manufactured to the current and highest pharmaceutical standards by our third party suppliers, and are available to CVS and associated practices.